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The “Association québécoise des centres d’intervention en dépendance (AQCID)” has been created in 2014 from a merge between the “Fédération des centres communautaires d’intervention en dépendance (FCCID)” and the “Association de centres de traitement des dépendances du Québec (ACTDQ)”. This merge is the continuity of collaboration between these two organizations since years and is a respond to a crying need for provincial representation, united and strong.


Brief history of the FCCID

Founded in 1973 by a group of volunteers sensible to problems related to abuse of alcohol, substances and drugs, the FCCIS regrouped, oriented and coordinated the action of volunteer and community organizations. First named the “Fédération des Maisons Domrémy” in 1957, then FOBAST in 1973 for finally taking the FCCID name in 2008. It was a desire to create a volunteers network and to offer quality services to population related to addiction that motivated the establishment of the federation.


Brief history of the ACTDQ

Following the implantation of the normative framework in 2001, many private and community centers working with clients with addiction problems have worked to obtain the certification from the Health and Social Service Department (Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux). The main motivation to join this process was to improve the quality of services offered and contribute positively to the improvement of citizens’ living condition. This is why on March 18, 2008, the certified organizations have created the ACTDQ.

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