Inform – Act – Unite






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The human, the beginning. The human is represented by an orange curve with a dot. The goal is to mean the importance of the person at the center of all our interventions.


The diversity, by multiple colors. A diversity in one’s issues regarding addiction. A diversity in types of intervention existing in the network. A diversity that makes the particularity of the AQCID.  


Balance and unbalance at the same time. An unbalance of someone asking for help to recover a stable life. A balance towards which the AQCID’s members reach, having common goals uniting them. The association, represented by the grey half-moon, place of discussion, ideas and action, is the cradle and the course that enables this balance.


Opening, movement and unity. The circle is not completed to shows an opening to different ideas and discussions. All the elements are going in the same direction, as the association’s members. The movement shows itself as a growing wave. The element’s unity represents the relation between members and the desire to give room to everyone in a group.

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